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Industrial Applications

Misting Systems - The Misting Company

Industrial Misting

Heat stress can adversely affect employees' health and noticeably reduce productivity. Traditional methods used for cooling of work environments are often costly and difficult to implement. The Misting Company Technology presents a viable and cost effective solution for small (70m2), medium (500m2- 5000m2) and large spaces of 10'000m2 or more.

Evaporative cooling using The Misting Company HP Misting systems is cost effective to install, low on maintenance and has small operating costs. Static lines overhead, potent The Misting Company Box Fans or Wall Mounted oscillating fans all with The Misting Company Mist manifolds work wonders. Older buildings where cooling was often low on the priority list can now be cooled effectively and efficiently. Systems can be fitted with little interruption to production processes in existing buildings or it can be incorporated into the design of new buildings.

Industrial process cooling can be done very effectively with The Misting Company HP Misting Systems. Injection moulding and roto-moulding is a good example where heat needs to be removed for optimum results. Increased cooling can speed up the process and generate more profit. The Misting Company Evaporative Cooling Systems are available in many forms or configurations and can be integrated with electronic control systems already in place.

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