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Applications of Misting


The concept of misting was born out of evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling was used before air conditioning became available, and is still used today in businesses, homes and nurseries, as an alternative to air conditioning. Misting, however, was developed for a different purpose and that was to create cooling in an outdoor environment.

Specific applications of Cooling


We design, install and sell misting systems for the pre-cooling of air conditioning systems and air-cooled refrigeration. These systems pre-cool the air intake for industrial air conditioners and evaporative coolers, thus enhancing the performance of the existing air conditioning units, whilst dramatically reducing the cost of operation by as much as 30%.

Application of Pre-Cooling

Dust Suppression

Suppress dust and keep the regulators at bay by using the Misting Company's dust suppression technology. It simply pushes filtered, pressurised water through customized nozzles and this adheres to PM10 dust particles. In addition you can combine this system with odour control to avoid any malodours that could cause issues with neighbours. The Misting Company offers complete customisation solutions.

Specific applications of Dust Suppression


Whether you need to maintain the moisture content in cotton or humidify a textile plant or winery, The Misting Company has an affordable solution. Using highpressure misting with tiny outlet nozzles and custom built temperature and humidification, the Misting Company can customise a solution for any application.

Specific applications of Humidification