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Residential Misting

Misting Systems - The Misting Company

Pure water has the amazing ability to extract heat from the air when it evaporates. This method of cooling has been in use for centuries. The Misting Company has taken evaporative cooling a step further by increasing the waters ability to evaporate. This state of the art technology disperses water into billions of micron sized droplets which quadruples the surface area exposed to the air. Droplets of this size (10) Flash-Evaporate. Better evaporation equals better cooling. The Misting Company HP Systems is simple concept when correctly applied often yields dramatic results!

Most people enjoy being outdoors, socializing by the pool, eating on the deck or tending to the garden. Often high heat can make it unbearable to be outside. TMC evaporative cooling is the perfect solution for those hot summer days. Install static lines around the perimeter of areas to be cooled, line the inside of the pool or attach outdoor cooling lines to the fascia of patios and awnings. Strategically locate TMC nozzles through plants and vegetation to create stunning cooling effect and see how your plants flourish with the added moisture. The TMC misting fan is a suitable addition to increase the mist cooling effect for semi-enclosed areas of 20m to 70m.

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