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Animal Cooling Misting Systems

Misting Systems - The Misting Company

Animals suffer just as people do during periods of extreme heat. In fact, many animals don't have the same internal mechanisms that allow them to deal effectively with rising temperatures. A misting system allows for a controlled environment where animals are able to live comfortably. The Misting Company Animal Cooling Mist systems are used in every animal environment from horses, dairy cattle, chickens, birds to mention a few. Misting systems employed in animal facilities reduce temperatures and protect animals from rising temperatures.


Animals that are protected from the heat are more comfortable and are protected from heat related maladies that include vomiting, lethargic behaviour, birthing complications or even death. The Misting Company HP animal cooling mist systems will decrease heat stress and in the case of dairy farmers increase milk production thus improving profits. Misting systems may give your facility a competitive edge over competing facilities whether used for comfort or productivity.

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