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About Us

Misting Systems - The Misting Company

The Misting Company (TMC) is Africa's foremost misting business. Since its establishment in 2003, TMC has explored, developed and successfully installed innovative misting solutions for cooling, pre-cooling, humidification, dust suppression and sanitation applications throughout Africa. Our vast experience in the field coupled with our superior product range and unique franchise model, ensures that we can service your needs cost effectively in any corner of the continent. We are a young, dynamic and passionate business with a network of value-adding franchisees and branch operations. Our hands-on approach and close working relationship with our franchisees has enabled us to accelerate our innovation curve through reciprocal information sharing and an intense commitment to technical support. TMC's list of applications expands daily but we have successfully applied our unique water management technology in areas such as temperature control, humidity control, pest and insect control, odour management, plant cultivation and environmental control.

Mission Statement

The Misting Company strives to develop and commercialise innovative misting solutions covering a wide range of applications whilst offering industry leading technical and product support.


By combining our passionate commitment to technical innovation, an industry leading product base and a culture of information sharing, The Misting Company will become a global leader in the field of water management and commercialise these solutions in a manner that benefits all stakeholders whilst minimising our impact on the environment.