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What is Misting?

Misting Systems - The Misting Company

The concept of misting was born out of evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling was used before air conditioning became available, and is still used today in businesses, homes and nurseries, as an alternative to air conditioning.

Misting, however, was developed for a different purpose and that was to create cooling in an outdoor environment. The Misting Company has, however, also developed and successfully installed innovative misting solutions for cooling, pre-cooling, humidification, dust suppression and sanitation applications.

Client specific requirements

All our systems are designed for the client's specific requirements, as there are many variables associated with different applications. The exact application, requirements and conditions present will determine what design is proposed to best meet the specific needs of our clients.

How does Misting work?

Water, using a high pressure pump, is forced through high pressure tubing (which is attached to and / or suspended from a structure, and / or incorporated into a fan) through a mist nozzle. The size of the hole in the misting nozzle is so small at about one-half the diameter of a strand of hair.

Running at about 60-70 Bar pressure, the water is atomised into micron size droplets, with an average droplet size of 10 micron. This droplet instantly evaporates upon contact with hot, dry air which results in a cooling of the air temperature. This process happens without wetting or residual moisture.

Contact us to find out more about our misting systems and solutions.