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Mobile High Pressure Misting Fan

The portable misting fan is the perfect accessory to any hot summer day. This versatile cooling system can be set up anywhere where there is a power supply and its 38 litre tank provides a soft cooling mist for up to 3 hours. It can be used at home, sporting events or outdoor functions. Just plug in and cool down!


Best Misting Effect

High-pressure 1000PSI pump provides optimum misting effect.

Large Water Tank

Enclosed 38L water tank allows three hours of continuous Misting


Stable three-wheel base with wheel lock makes transportation easy and reduces setup time

Removable Fan

Water and electric quick connect allows fast removal of the fan from the base for easy setup take down and transportation

Pressure Release

Automatically releases pressure from the mist line when the pumps stops to prevent leaking nozzles


Mobile misting fans are available to buy or rent. Please contact us to find out more about our mobile misting systems.