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Byotrol - The hygiene revolution

The Misting Company has partnered with Byotrol. This is a revolutionary hygiene product and technology: it delivers a powerful level of broad-spectrum protection that not only outlasts all the leading competitors, it does so gently.

While traditional products stop working the instant they dry, Byotrol keeps on working providing outstanding protection against germs for hours, weeks and even months in some cases.

The Misting Company is the sole supplier of misting and fogging dispensing systems for this product. Together with Byotrol, we design systems to meet the hygiene needs of clients in the best and most efficient (automated) manner possible. All systems are bespoke to the individual client. Where areas are small enough, The Misting Company also supplies hand held fogging units to dispense Byotrol manually or by hand.

What makes Byotrol unique is the combination of three main attributes; No other technology delivers the same level of performance.

Click here to visit the Byotrol website.


Byotrol is deadly to germs and fast-acting, killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Its broad-spectrum kill means it can be used in a variety of environments; including healthcare, food & beverage processing and agriculture - from general access areas to aseptic facilities.


Unlike more aggressive alternatives, like bleach and alcohol, Byotrol is gentle. It doesn't degrade the surfaces it touches; on capital equipment and hard surfaces this reduces costs. On skin, Byotrol has an even greater advantage, by giving peace of mind to users who dislike the effects of alcohol on their hands or for those to whom it presents cultural or safety issues.


Byotrol keeps on working long after traditional products have stopped, protecting regularly used surfaces for up to 24 hours and controlling germs in between cleans to offer unparalleled protection. This residual performance is achieved on a variety of surfaces making it ideal for use throughout the healthcare and food processing setting, including maintenance of critical and expensive capital.

Byotrol outperforms the leading competitors

Only Byotrol offers 24 hour protection uniformly on stainless steel & plastic. Only Byotrol offers 6 hours wash-to-wash protection on hands.

Click here to visit the Byotrol website.